Thursday, 13 September 2012

What a Nice Coincidence :D

 I have a dream make a Rumah Tahfizh named by Bintang Qur’ani
What a nice coincidence, there’s a kindergarten in Gaza named by “TK Bintang al-Qur’an”
it was organized by Sahabat al-Aqsa
Awwwwww……what a beautiful coincidence…I do hope my dream comes true…aamiin^^


bintang qur'an

bintang qurani 2

bintang qurani 3

bintang quran4

Really hope to see them directly…they have a big struggle to study even if bombs were falling around them. I envy with their struggle in study. They have a big desire to study in a crowded place and was colonized by Zionis Israel. Masha Allah…may Allah gives them easiness in everything and strengthen them. Aamiin


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