Sunday, 23 September 2012

New Dorm ;D

Alhamdulillah, bersyukur masih bisa bernafas, beraktifitas, dan masih bisa ngeblog...:D
In this new school year year many new things happen to my life, I live in a new dorm, get a new room with news equipment, have a new junior, new lecture in new semester, many new targets to reach, and many other new things. Firstly I didn't wanna move from my former dorm (coz it closer to my campus). But while seeing this place my heart was stolen...haha...I think this place will suitable for us struggling in skripsi. Allah bersama mahasiswa tingkat akhir...;D

This is the room in front of this room

It's a gazebo..a nice place to take a nap..haha

It's one of the great things in my dorm...coz I didn't find it in my former nice to memorize Qur'an here

The tower reminds me with Haramain....(prasaan blom pernah ke Mekkah dah  -.-")


  1. eh,sebelah mana ya ini??? depan perumahan asatidzkah....wah,klo santri putra tahu,bisa pada ngiri nih..hehehe
    we share...

  2. hidden place...hanya orang2 tertentu yg tau...;p



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