Wednesday, 17 October 2012

#Save Suria !

Save Syria (1)
A Syrian Muslimah said:
“Oh Followers of Muhammad if you are not able to arm us, then at least send us contraceptive pills”
Do you know why she said so? Lot of our sisters were raped! Syria burned and become a river of blood. Since 15th March 2011 until 17th September 2012, amount of more than 31,860 were killed of which 2874 women, 2956 children. More than 70,635 wounded, imprisoned more than 250,000, who fled to Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other countries. And 2.5 million people displaced inside the Syrians who leave the city and move to a safer city.
More than 2.4 million houses, mosques and schools and madrasas were destroyed by bombs. More than 300 districts, sub-districts and villages were attacked by Bashar Asad (President Syrians) with tanks, rockets and their bombs. And the Muslims who pray in masjid were attacked. Who still alive were prisoned, massacred and some have also fled. The numbers above is only some of the detected victims. The fact is more than that. ( I take this data from
Exactly what is happening in Syria? Many person were injured. There were Many casualties and victims.
First I thought the conflict in Syria is the common conflict between the dictator government with the citizens. And I’m sure most of us have the same thoughts. But the reality isn’t like that. What is happening in Syria now is Aqeedah war. A war between Shia (Shiite) and Sunni (ahlus sunnah wal jamaah). Syria is on the borderlands between these two doctrines. Most of its people are Sunni Muslims but there are also Christians, Druze, and Alawites. Who are the Alawites? While arguably Alawites are not Muslims at all, they claim to be Shia Muslims. Syria’s government is also aligned with Iran and Hezbollah (Lebanon) — in other words, the Shia Muslim forces. And therein lies the danger. The ruling Alawites comprise only about 12 percent of Syria’s population but largely dominate the government. The bloody repression of the opposition, which is largely Sunni, is creating communal tensions. And this news was obscured by the mass media!
A Syrian, Sheikh Ghiyats Abdul Baqi said that the Syrian conflict, based on the hatred of Shiites Nushairiyyah leader Bashar Al-Al-Assad against the Sunni community. This is evidenced by the massive aid from Iran and the militant Shiites of Lebanon "Hezbollah" (read: Hizbullata), to Bashar al-Assad and his army. Bashar al-Assad soldiers are slaughtering our brothers and sister without any reason. They forced the Sunni people to say :”Laa ilaaha illa Bashar!” There’s no God except Bashar! The soldiers bring Basha al-Assad picture and force the people to bow down to his picture. They torture people who don’t want to bow down.
My brothers and sisters...we can sleep peacefully on the mattress and soft pillows while our brothers in Syria terrified by bomb attacks. We can pray devoutly while our brothers in Syria were bombed in masjid. We can study in peace while many schools were destroyed by Alawites government. Many women raped. Many children slaughtered. Many houses burned. They lack neither food nor medicine. They were martyred for the sake of LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAH.
But where we are as their brother!
Where we are as a Muslim!
They need us, they need our help, they need our pray!
They were forgotten!
Their cries and shrieks through the sky splitting the distance. They are the chosen people. The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that the Ummah of Islam with one another like one body. When there are sisters who are injured then the others will feel it. Don’t forget to pray for them.
May Allah grant victory to all our brothers and sisters in Syria. May Allah have mercy on them, accept their martyrs and cure their sick and injured. Oh Allah forcefully remove Bashar, his army and his allies from the land. Oh Allah we have none but you. Aamiin.



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